Perfume Making - Seasonal Scents


Oo La Lab


09 October


2 - 4pm


Ame Artistic Studio


AED 250

Please note fees are non-refundable

Perfume Making - Seasonal Scents


The ‘Chemistry of Oo’, a sensorial perfumery Eau de Parfum workshop hosted by Oo La Lab. Deconstructing complex fine fragrances into their primary building blocks, Oo La Lab will share bold insights on how to create a personal scent wardrobe and craft your own ritual fragrance that will evoke character, mood & context. Expect a highly engaging multisensory experience through the now cult-like ‘Chemistry of Oo Sessions’, a hands-on perfume discovery workshop.


  • Guests will have individual chemistry apparatus to craft a fragrance.
  • Duration is 60-90mins of crafting experience with Oo La Lab mixologist where they will take you through the basics of perfumery-crafting.
  • Participants will be taking away a 10ml Eau De Parfum individually crafted fragrance, 2 x 2cc vial samples packed in Oo La black ziplock pouch with fragrance card.

Workshop is open for beginners. For group bookings, contact us via WhatsApp - 050 263 2668

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