Bukhoor Design and Mixology Session with Oo La Lab


Oo La Lab


22 October


2 - 4pm


Âme Artistic Studio


AED 450

Please note fees are non-refundable

Bukhoor Design and Mixology Session with Oo La Lab


Bukhoor (Arabic spelling: بخور‎), or Bakhour or Bakhoor is an Arabic word which means Fumes, is vastly known for performing houses or surroundings. Bukhoor is a small disc-shaped incense which is an infusion of perfumed oils, and is burnt in the same way as oud to create the dukhoon scent. This workshop will teach you how to make these traditional Arabian scents at home..


  • Guests will have individual chemistry apparatus to craft a fragrance
  • 60-90min duration of crafting experience with our mixologist to take you through the basics of bakhoor-making
  • Participants will take away a 100g Bukhoor individually crafted fragrance, 2 x 2cc vial samples packed in a Oo La ziplock bag

Workshop is open for beginners. For group bookings, contact us via WhatsApp - 050 263 2668

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