Cake Decorating Workshop


The Cake Company


19 December


3:00pm to 6:00pm


Âme Artistic Studio


AED 595

Please note fees are non-refundable

Cake Decorating Workshop

Learn the basics of working with fondant to create 4 moulds, namely; Buds, roses, leaves and peony.
Each of the participants will mould and experience making flowers out of fondant, and ultimately decorate their own cake that they can take home with them to enjoy.
A creative workshop learning various floral cake decorating techniques with fondant. Suitable for beginners.


I. Introduction to of trainors and trainees - 20mins.
II. Short brief about the subject of the training - 20mins.
III. Names and proper usage of the materials - 30mins.
2. How to make an edible rose using fondant.
3. Arranging fresh flowers on the cakes.
4. Question and answer - 20mins.
All materials included. Each participant will receive their own dummy cake to decorate and will have their own tools and materials to use.
This workshop is AED 595 per person - inclusive of all materials.
Due to social distancing guidelines, this workshop has limited availability.

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