Ceramic Making Workshop - Decorative Plate




12 February




Âme Artistic Studio


AED 350

Please note fees are non-refundable

Ceramic Making Workshop - Decorative Plate


  • Explore the hand-build technique of Ceramic Making with Baya Ceramic, founded by Asma Laraiedh. Asma named her brand after her daughters names. Much like the name suggests - the handmade pieces are inspired of North African and Amazigh pottery.

  • Learn with Asma to create handmade ceramic pieces mostly made of organic shapes using a combination of contemporary art, product design, and pottery techniques.

  • Baya Ceramic products are the culmination of her artistic sould translated into objects made of porcelain, black clay, and glaze.

  • Outline:
  • This workshop with use the hand-build pottery technique
  • Participants will each use (buff) organic clay
  • You will be free mold and form the clay as you please.
  • Produced pieces will take 10 days to dry and will proceed to first firing.
  • Participants will be given the option to put colors and glaze them and proceed to 2nd firing. (additional charge of 100aed will be applied)

  • 10% discount for Couples booking (message us by WhatsApp)

  • Workshop is open for beginners. 15% Discount is applied for Group booking of 3 people and more. For group booking, contact us on WhatsApp - 050 263 2668

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