Floral Paper Quilling Workshop


Sahar Abdalla (@xtra_gravity)


22 October


3:00pm to 6:00pm


Âme Artistic Studio


AED 500

Please note fees are non-refundable

Floral Paper Quilling Workshop

Learn the basics of paper quilling, from shapes that form the basis of design, to the importance of colour selection and combination.

Workshop Outline:

1. Introduction to the art of quilling, with references to artworks , quilling pieces and styles for inspiration

2. Demonstration and explanation to art’s tools and how to use them

3. Demonstration of various quilling techniques

4. Teaching of different basic quilling shapes that form the basis of the designs

5. Overview of the importance of colour selection and combinations

6. Combination of  various shapes and quilling techniques to compose various designs of flowers, leaves, stems, swirls and flourishes

7. Project: Each participant will utilize what they've learnt to create their own floral design to apply on a canvas- guided by the instructor

Each participant will receive a full quilling set consisting of quilling tools, a large variety of multi-coloured quilling papers and canvas board, which they will keep to use for their own multiple future quilling projects.

How To Book:

WhatsApp us on 050 263 2668 to reserve your space or click this link: https://ae.myfatoorah.com/le/0304145540736

This workshop is AED 500 per person - inclusive of all materials.

Due to social distancing guidelines, this workshop has limited availability.

About The Instructor:

Sahar Abdalla is a visual artist, art director, animator and trainer. She has been conducting art and animation workshops for over seven years in the UAE catering to both children and adults, with the aim of helping participants develop their creative side and discover the artist within. Several of her students' films were nominated and screened at Sharjah International Film Festival for Children & Youth, and one won first place in the category of 'Best film made by students'.

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