Glass Vase Painting Workshop


Anastasiia Shali Art


31 July


11:00am - 1:00pm


Âme Artistic Studio


AED 350

Please note fees are non-refundable

Glass Vase Painting Workshop

A creative and fun workshop personalizing and painting a glass vase, followed by creating the right flower bouquet to go in it.

Join us for a glass vase painting workshop with, where you will learn the appropriate technique to paint on glass. You will create a colorful painting on a vase which you will take home with you, accompanied by a lovely bouquet of flowers from Âme!

Course outline:
- Introduction to painting materials and tools
- Painting technique overview
- Anastasiia’s demonstration
- Participant’s work on the final project, painting on a glass vase of 12cmx12cm,
- Brief introduction to flower bouquet composition technique
- Participants create their own mini flower bouquets to put in the vase
Price is inclusive of:
Glass square vase (12x12cm) and one small flower bouquet per participant.
All painting tools and materials will be provided by the instructor for use during the workshop. Kids are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

About Anastasiia
Anastasiia is a young Ukrainian artist currently based in Dubai. She was born and raised in picturesque Crimea and it has affected her style of painting and choice of color palette for her art.
Anastasiia has completed study at the Crimean University of Humanities in the faculty of fine art and specializes in oil and watercolor painting.
She’s been teaching watercolor painting in Dubai for the past 6 years.
You can find more of her works on her Instagram page:

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