Introduction to Acrylic Painting with Gold Leaf


Sanaa Merchant


12 September


1:30pm - 3:30pm


Âme Artistic Studio, Warehouse 81, Alserkal Avenue


AED 475

Please note fees are non-refundable

Introduction to Acrylic Painting with Gold Leaf

At this introductory­ workshop, participants will learn how to use and paint with acrylic, how to create depth, layers, and contrasts using stencils, mists, and inks techniques. Participants will also be introduced to the gold leaf application techniques on their acrylic painting, to enrich their final project artwork.
Workshop Outline:
*Approach to Acrylics beginners
*How to create depth using colors and texture
*How to create layers step by step
*How to create contrast
*the do's and dont's of applying stencils
*The right procedure and technique of applying gold leaf
* How to glaze with inks
* Participants create their artwork on canvas 25x25cm
Seats are AED475 per person.
All materials are provided.

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