Mastering Food Labels for Healthier Shopping


Bernadette Abrahams


10 April


3:00pm - 5:00pm


Âme Artistic Studio


AED 435

Please note fees are non-refundable

Mastering Food Labels for Healthier Shopping

Âme Artistic Studio invites you to take control of your health and wellbeing by taking a practical deep dive into the world of food labels.  Become a savvy consumer and know how to select the right food products at the grocery store by learning about the labeling laws and loopholes, top ingredients to avoid, and healthier swaps. This 2-hour information-packed masterclass is filled with interactive exercises and healthy brand recommendations, which will help reinforce your learning and immediately be implemented at home.


Workshop Outline:


-Learn about the different levels of organic food, which labels to trust, and how to spot greenwashing

-Understand why genetic modification is a health risk and ways to avoid it

-Learn how to read a nutrition facts label and interpret the relevant information

-Learn about the top misleading marketing claims and industry labels to look for instead

-Discover the top ingredients to avoid and healthier brand recommendations to help restock your fridge and pantry at home

- Learn about the nutrient drain and the need for modern-day supplementation, and which forms are best

Analyze real-life products and food labels. (Participants are welcomed to bring their own favorite food products to be examined as a group).

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