Arabic Calligraphy with Acrylic Painting - Calligrafitti Style


Rubab Zahra


17 July


3:00pm - 5:00pm


Âme Artistic Studio


AED 450

Please note fees are non-refundable

Arabic Calligraphy with Acrylic Painting - Calligrafitti Style

Workshop Outline

Learn the traditional art of Arabic calligraphy in this creative workshop, in a new twist of modern Calligraffiti style. 

At this creative workshop, run by Calligraphy Artist Rubab Zahra, participants will learn the dynamics and composition of Arabic Calligraphy, combined with the techniques of Acrylic Painting to compose a final master artwork that they will take home.

Participants will be taught how to write and create form and shadows in the lettering, and then transfer their composition onto a canvas to create an abstract painting with acrylics.  Students will create and complete a Caligraffiti style composition,  while learning the  techniques of handling, color mixing, color selections of acrylic paint to build texture and depth in the painting.  

Students will work on a 50x40 cm stretched canvas to create their final art piece. All materials used for the workshop are provided.

This workshop is designed for beginners to intermediate level.

About The Instructor

Rubab Zahra is a professional artist. Her moniker styles of painting are Traditional Arabic Calligraphy, Modern Arabic Calligraphy, and fusion of abstract and traditional calligraphy Art as well as Abstract Art. She has faith in the power of words, thus she tries to connect her abstract expressions with calligraphy strokes.

Rubab prefers using warm and bright colors to bring life to her paintings. She works with a wide variety of media like acrylic paints, alcohol inks, calligraphy inks, resin, metal leaves, etc. She uses brushes, palette knives, and many unconventional tools to create texture, layers and depth in her artworks.

Rubab aims to conserve the Sacred Art of Arabic Calligraphy; hence her work consists of traditional Islamic, Arabic art series, and to connect it to the modern world she has developed modern and contemporary versions of it.

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