Pressed Florals Monogram Workshops


Ame Artistic Studio


16 September


16:00pm - 18:00pm


Ame Artistic Studio


AED 200

Please note fees are non-refundable

Pressed Florals Monogram Workshops

Join us for the perfect indoor activity this September!

Led by Ame’s talented  florists, this workshop is the perfect creative and relaxing experience for kids and adults to enjoy, surrounded by the scents and beauty of fresh flowers.

Participants will learn the techniques of  preserving, drying and pressing blooms, and then proceed to press their own selection of flowers and foliage to keep for their own future use.

In the second part of the workshop, participants will work with tweezers and glue to creatively compose a monogram artwork , using a mix of colorful  pressed florals,  on a watercolor heavy weight paper.

Guests will leave the workshop with a completed framed monogram artwork and the knowledge on how to press flowers in the future!

Please email to select which letter you would like to monogram at the workshop . Bring along a hard-cover book to keep your pressed flowers too!

Group Bookings receive a 15% discount – contact us directly on 050 263 2668.

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