Resin Ocean - Wall Art


Bwader Art Studio


09 February


5:00am - 7:00pm


Âme Artistic Studio


AED 450

Please note fees are non-refundable

Resin Ocean - Wall Art

Course outline:
Join us to learn and Enhance your artistic skills in the "Seascape and Resin Art Island Workshop." Participants will explore various techniques to create captivating resin wall panels inspired by the beauty of the sea and its undulating waves. Discover the art of color blending, incorporating materials like stones, sand, plants, and more. Prepare and leave your masterpiece to dry, ready to be collected the next day.

About The Instructor
Bwader Basheer is an Artist & designer living in Dubai. Since 2016 she has started her Art & Design Studio: Bwader Art Studio, Based in Dubai.
She is creating original artwork pieces along with uniquely designed furniture and accessories.
Her artwork experiences are based on mixing and using different kinds of materials and medias. As she is using: Acrylic – alcoholic Ink and Resin to create her unique Art pieces with different shapes and sizes.
Her work is inspired by nature and architecture as most of her pieces are inspired by the movement of the ocean and the depth layers of the earth. 

Suitable for +16 years

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