Underpainting with Resin Workshop




18 March




Âme Artistic Studio


AED 475

Please note fees are non-refundable

Underpainting with Resin Workshop

First time in the UAE workshop!

  • Artist Sanaa Merchant has been experimenting with resin for the last 6 years. As of lately she developed a new technique and one of a kind to combine both painting and resin together to create under sea ocean life form. The artist is mesmerized by the peaceful movements and gestures and felt an urge to paint them.

  • Even though resin painting is different from classic paintings, both require different techniques, amount of time, and attention to the details. However the artist developed a unique style to combine both and bring a technique for the upcoming workshop.

  • Participant will work on a 30 cm panel board whilst painting underlife and working with resin to create this beautiful art.

  • In this workshop you will be guided by an experienced instructor on
    • How to work with resin safely
    • What bases to work on: canvas, wood, plywood
    • How much is the right amount (no less no more) of Resin to cover up your base
    • Get your board ready for resin
    • Painting undersea and resin application technique taught
    • Tips on how to use resin tools such as heat gun and torch
    • Ways work with your piece to give it character by using embellishments.

  • Workshop is open for beginners. 15% Discount is applied for Group booking of 3 people and more. For group booking, contact us on WhatsApp - 050 263 2668

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